Employee Spotlight: Oliver Kenyon

Oliver Kenyon has been a Tournament Director and Pro Shop Manager for the past 2 years at Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Complex.

Before coming to work for Morton Golf LLC, he was self-employed with his Company called “On-Site Sports LLC” which supplies junior apparel at their sporting events.

Oliver started playing the game of golf two years ago just before coming on as a staff member of Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Complex. He started golf as a hobby to occupy his time and he fell in love with the sport. He is 100% self-taught.

The biggest highlight of his life is his two children. His son Jovani is 14 years old and his daughter, Jaslyn is 3 years old.

When he is not playing with his kids, he also enjoys reading, writing & traveling.

Stop by Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Complex and say HI to Oliver as we thank him for all he continues to do each day.

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