Cleveland Launcher HB Driver Benefits and Features

Ken Morton, Jr., Director of Retail for Morton Golf, reviews the Cleveland Launcher HB driver and explains the new features on the latest release from Cleveland Golf.

The Cleveland Launcher HB driver represents a reintroduction with the latest technology on the classic HiBore driver that Cleveland once offered.

This new driver features a HiBore crown that lowers the center of gravity and moves it back in the driver to create a closer dispersion of if you hit them on the toe or heel of the club. This creates a little more spin for those who might need that extra forgiveness to keep the ball in the fairway and to get the trajectory that they are looking for in a driver and to increase distance.

On the sole of the club, the Cleveland Launcher HB driver utilizes Flex-Fin Technology. You can see the lines on the sole of the club. This feature acts as a spring so that when you hit the Launcher Cup Face (the face of the golf club), the Launcher Cup Face presses against the Flex-Fins and springs the ball off the face. This creates more ball speed, more distance and higher launch.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the golf shaft in your club. The Cleveland Launcher HB driver features a Miyazaki shaft that is extremely lightweight. If you swing 85-90 mph, this driver will demonstrate dramatic increases in distance off the tee. Ken Morton, Jr. has a swingspeed between 95-100 mph and has increased his distance 5-10 yards further than his previous Cleveland driver.

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