Cheapest Times to Play Golf

It wasn’t long since you used to only be able to call or schedule a tee time in person. Nowadays it feels like there are a million different ways to schedule tee times. Furthermore, since most golf courses moved to dynamic pricing it becomes hard to even ballpark what a round of golf is going to cost. It is always changing. To help with all this confusion we have created a guide to help you navigate to the best possible pricing available for tee bookings.

The tips and tricks mentioned in this article are specifically designed to work for all golf courses operated by Morton Golf. However, these should also work for most other courses, especially if they are utilizing a dynamic pricing system.

Let’s start with the cheapest time to golf. The absolute cheapest tee times for the entire week are going to be an hour before sunset. Obviously, this exact time changes throughout the year but all of the Morton Golf courses and most courses will offer price discounts in order to fill out the final tee times of the day. If you’re trying to save some money maybe reschedule that weekly Sunday morning round to Sunday afternoon.

Okay, so ending your round when its getting dark doesn’t sound appealing. I get it. What are your other options? Well, try playing in the afternoon in general than. Even if you’re teeing off in the early afternoon, it’s still going to be cheaper than in the morning. This strategy isn’t limited to the weekend either. Afternoons are cheaper than mornings during the entire week.

Furthermore, if your dead set on playing in the morning, then try playing on the weekdays as opposed to the weekends. Morning weekends are the most popular times and are subsequently the most expensive. Playing golf on the weekdays is going to be much less expensive.

Now that you know the best times to schedule your tee time, how should you go about scheduling it? The best deals are always going to be available online. For the Morton Golf courses, go to the course’s website and book a tee time online. These prices are going to be cheaper than calling to book a time or scheduling a tee time in person.

It is possible to save even more money with coupon codes and promo codes. These codes are available through a variety of social media platforms. The most reliable way to ensure you always stay up to date with promotions and sales is to sign up for the mailing list. Morton Golf has separate mailing lists for each of our courses. To sign up simply go to the courses corresponding website or ask a cashier at the course to sign you up.

Overall, I hope this has given you some ideas to fight the growing cost of golf.

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