No Up-Charge for Any Mizuno Custom Steel Shaft

Come in Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop and receive No Up-Charge for Any Mizuno Custom Steel Shaft


80% of golfers are playing with the wrong shaft. Are you? Come in to Haggin Oaks and have the Mizuno’s Shaft Optimizer will guarantee your clubs are customized specifically to your individual “Swing DNA” by measuring five key data points.

  1. Headspeed
  2. Tempo
  3. Toe Down
  4. Kick Angle
  5. Release Factor

Test Your “Swing DNA” with a 15-Minute Shaft Optimizer Fit with Hank Vereschzagin at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex in Sacramento, CA. Call 916-808-2531 and ask for the “Swing DNA Special” with Hank. He is offering the “Swing DNA Special” FREE through October 31, 2014! ($29.99 value) Bring in your current 6-iron and test it against the new irons from Mizuno and be amazed at the difference you’ll feel when fit in the proper shaft for your game.

Hank_DNAThe patented Performance Fitting System software program from Mizuno then takes the guesswork out of the fitting equation by analyzing that “Swing DNA” and quickly identifying the perfect shaft, shaft flex, iron model, and set make-up for the golfer.Matching golfers to the right shaft can add 10–30 yards to every iron in the bag and improve shot dispersion. To maximize performance on the course, you need to be playing with clubs custom built to fit your unique swing perfectly.

New Mizuno Irons:


The MP-15 embodies the definitive balance of tradition and technology for today’s better player.

At address the MP-15 appears every inch the classic Mizuno MP iron – compact with clean lines, designed to enhance both feel and workability. Forged directly inside the 1025E steel framework is a re-engineered Titanium Muscle insert, which maintains thickness behind impact for solid feel, while allowing weight to be shifted to the perimeter to provide “full cavity” forgiveness.


The MP-H5 was designed to deliver a higher, controllable ball flight and steeper, soft landings to attack these challenging pin positions.

Hollow Construction delivers a deeper Center of Gravity (COG) throughout the set for a high launch with controllable spin. The MP-H5 achieves this “launch forgiveness” while maintaining a thin top line and minimal offset, giving the better player total shot-making control.

The breakthroughs in distance and ball speed of the JPX-850 are achieved through Mizuno’s Power Frame design, which greatly increases the rebound area of the clubface. In addition, the Power Frame positions weight in the extreme corners of the club head to increase stability on off-center shots, maximizing forgiveness and consistent distance.

The JPX-850 delivers more distance, with more solid feel than any other iron in the game.

jpx-850_forgedJPX-850 Forged

After 6 years of development – the introduction of BORON to Mizuno’s Grain Flow Forging process allows the JPX-850 Forged to overcome the distance limitations of traditional forged irons.

Mizuno’s new material is 30% stronger than traditional 1025E steel billets – allowing for a thinner face and extreme ball speeds. The result is an incredible iron that combines Grain Flow Forged precision and feel with shocking distance.

Are you ready to get fit with your FREE 15-minute “Swing DNA Special” with Hank Vereschzagin at the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop? Call 916-808-2531 to schedule your appointment today!


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