Angry Birds Have Hit the Golf Course

Who hasn’t gleefully wasted hours upon hours of their time playing the most awesome game known as Angry Birds© on their smartphone or tablet? I know that my kids and I have all enjoyed destroying those hard to reach pigs as they tried to taunt us on their highly developed construction site. Which bird is your favorite? Personally, my heart belongs to the yellow bird with its triangular shape and super duper smashing power!

I have some exciting news to announce: Angry Birds© have made their way onto the golf course!!! Players of all ages will enjoy playing with their favorite Angry Bird© characters printed on a Srixon Golf Ball. You can grab a 6-pack for only $9.99 and each ball is a unique character from the game! We’re carrying the balls inside the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop or click HERE to order online at These will make the perfect gift for not only your kids, but for EVERYONE who loves Angry Birds©.

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