A Love Letter To Our Golf Mothers

No matter who you are, if you loved and cared for a golfer these letters are for you. May you feel loved, seen and appreciated this Mother’s Day.

To the mothers who are excited to play…

Dear Mother,

Thank you for your enthusiasm. Do you remember waking up at 4 AM, pounding on my bedroom door, and yelling at me to get up because we were going to miss our tee time? You were so excited to have the earliest tee time the course offered. I begrudgingly agreed.

You said it would be the perfect day; wake up early, drink your coffee first thing (of course), play a round of golf with me, and then run all of your errands for the day, all before lunchtime.

It was the perfect day for me too. I love you.

To the mothers that always seem to find what’s missing…

Dear Mother,

I will never forget that time when I was so desperate to find my lucky golf polo because I was playing a round of golf with my soon-to-be boss, but it was nowhere to be found. I was in a panic but you spent an hour searching for it with me until you found it under my seat in the car.

You taught me what it meant to have a cool head under pressure and I’m a better golfer for it. At least that’s what the boss said. Thank you!

To the mothers who push you the most…

Dear Mother,

I want to tell you that I appreciate you never letting me quit. Your tough love was hard to swallow but I wouldn’t change anything. You shaped me to become the person I am today.

It wasn’t easy but I am a golfer because of you and that is really cool!

To the mothers who always support us…

Dear Mother,

Thank you for buying me a new set of clubs every year as I was growing out of everything through constant growth spurts. It’s been several years and I had my first fitting for custom clubs.

I was excited because I got a bonus that was just the right amount of money to get them. However, when I went to pay, the fitter said it was taken care of. They said I had the best mom, and I couldn’t agree more!

Thank you for your constant support for a game that means so much to me.

To the mothers that go the extra mile…

Dear Mother,

Thank you for always listening. I can recount the endless afternoon drives to the golf course. You would take me to practice every day then you would pick me up and drive me home after.

You didn’t know or care about golf but you would always have something to discuss on the rides to practice that was centered around what you heard on the golf channel that day.

Then on the rides home, you would always listen to me explain what I learned in practice. You listened to me when I was excited about something I did, and when I was frustrated with something I didn’t.

Those rides to and from the golf course are my favorite memories we share. I love you, Mom.

To the mothers who make everything more fun…

Dear Mother,

You are my favorite person to “golf” with. If golfing means taking the golf cart and speeding forward as I go to grab a club, every single time. Buying booze at each hole from the Bev Cart Girl and forcing her to watch me take my next shot convincing her I am a golf professional.

Playing your golfing playlist on Spotify and declaring that every song is your absolute favorite. Deciding you have figured out this game of golf and are certain you will hit a perfect shot, but as you start giggling you take your swing and curse the game as you miss the ball completely.

You may never play an entire round of golf, but you will always be my favorite golfing partner!

To the mothers who are the real golfers…

Dear Mother,

Thank you for sharing golf with me. Learning how to play and watching you dominate on the course has always been inspiring. I want to be golfer just like you. I’ll see you at the driving range for few pointers real soon!

To the mothers who are never forgotten…

Dear Mother,

I miss you every day but I feel closest to you at the golf course.

There is something about the quiet early mornings, the smell of fresh-cut grass, and the simple sound of a club hitting the ball that reminds me of you. Not to mention the celebratory 19th hole tradition of a well-made spicy Bloody Mary with three celery pieces.

I love you forever, Mom!

Letters are inspired by real stories.

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