5 Warm Up Exercises to Try Before Your Next Round of Golf

Frank LaRosa from Golf to Go on ESPN 1320 Radio interviews Haggin Oaks Clubfitting Specialist and Sales Associate Nick Waterworth on practical tips to help you warm up before your next round of golf.

Watch this video for 5 quick and easy warm-up exercises that you can do before your next round of golf. They are quick and easy! Give yourself 5-10 minutes and pull a club out of your bag to get started – no special equipment required.

1st Exercise: Stand balanced and relaxed. Hold the club in both hands. Turn your top half from side to side without trying to move the bottom half of your body very much.  Warms up your shoulders and mid-section.

2nd Exercise: Hold the club in both hands and slowly raise your arms over your head and then bring back down in front of you. Do this nice and slow, working on a full range of motion. You are simply trying to warm up your muscles here and stretch them out.

3rd Exercise: Mimic the golf swing. Start doing half swings. Once again, keep it slow and don’t try to take a full swing yet.

4th Exercise: Hold the club in front of you and bend down and then back up.

5th Exercise: Roll the feet at the ankles. First one direction and then reverse it and go the other direction.

That’s it! We’ll see YOU on the first tee!

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