2019 Haggin Oaks Golf Expo $25,000 Cleveland Wedge Challenge

Every year at the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo, Cleveland puts on a $25,000 Wedge Golf Shot Challenge where contestants go through a qualification process where ultimately one contestant is given an opportunity to win $25,000 by chipping a ball into a hole about 25 yards away.

Contestants first have to register at the Cleveland booth and hit a prequalifying shot by chipping a ball within about 2 feet of a hole. If they make the cut, they are then added into the real drawing on Sunday where, if their name is chosen, they will be given the opportunity to win $25,000 if they can make one chip into the designated hole using their choice of either a Cleveland CBX or RTX 4 wedge.

This year, Juan Batista was the lucky person who’s name was drawn to get the once in a lifetime opportunity to win big! He is an avid golfer who has played at Haggin Oaks many times over the years and it was great to see him go for it.

Unfortunately, Juan shot a bit to the right, just missing the hole.

However, Cleveland was still impressed by how well he did and gave him some awesome consolation prizes including two Cleveland CBX wedges and two dozen Srixon Z-Star balls.

Want to see if you can make it and win $25,000? Then make sure to come out to the 2020 Haggin Oaks Golf Expo next year and see if you qualify to get a chance to win $25,000. We would love to watch you win! The dates have already been set! Mark your calendars for April 24 – 26, 2020.

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