12 Days of Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Golfers

The holiday season is quickly approaching. If you find yourself searching for some gifts for the golfer in your life, we have you covered! We’ve created this list of 12 great stocking stuffers to help you out!

  1. Club Cleaner

Keeping club faces clean is an important part of club maintenance and performance. There are many different tools that exist to clean clubs. There are even groove sharpeners that are made to revive worn wedges.

One of our favorites is certainly The Groove Tube. Despite this cleaner not featuring a wire brush or dedicated groove cleaner, it does have a great signature feature. The Groove Tube can be filled with water or a cleaning solution. This enables dirt and debris to be quickly removed by the non-scratching brush. 

  1. Socks

Now we know that every kid was disappointed at one point by receiving socks at Christmas time. However, these aren’t your regular socks. A pair of high-quality socks for golfing will completely change someone’s experience. If the average golfer is walking 3 to 6 miles per round of golf, then the importance of footwear cannot be overstated.

One of our favorites is certainly the FootJoy ProDry Crew Golf socks. These socks have special DrySof technology that wicks away moisture. Likewise, the exclusive Comfort Seam is practically impossible to feel! 

  1. Magnetic Towel

Towels are great for golf. You can clean your shoes, golf clubs, or even just dry off your hands. Lately, a simple but innovative change has been made to many golf towels. The addition of a magnet makes the towel easily removable from the golf bag. Stick It Magnetic Towels are one such towel. The soft microfiber material coupled with the waffle pattern design gives the towel exceptional water absorption and cleaning abilities. The large size also makes it perfect for practically any scenario. This is an excellent quality of life upgrade for a golfer you’re shopping for. 

  1. Tees

Golf tees are something every golfer could use more of. There are many different types of golf tees. If you happen to know what tee the golfer you’re shopping for uses then pick up some of those.

One of our favorite tees is the Stinger Golf 2 ¾” Tees. The quality of these tees is excellent. They are also made out of wood, which is much more environmentally friendly than plastic counterparts. The 2 ¾” size is a good middle-ground for most golfers. There are taller and shorter tees available, but if you are not sure what to get then you can’t go wrong with 2 ¾”. 

  1. Golf Balls

This one may seem obvious but golf balls are always a great gift. The difficult part is to figure out what balls you should buy. There are many golf ball guides out there to help you determine the perfect ball to get.

However, if you just want to get a fun golf ball then our suggestion is to get some Volvik Vivid Golf Balls. Volvik Vivid golf balls are brightly colored and come in a vast array of fun and interesting colors. Performance-wise, their multi-piece design makes them actually a great ball for the price. 

  1. Hats

A regular golfer will go through golf hats at an astonishing rate. Gifting a high-quality golf hat is an excellent choice. Similar to golf balls, there are so many different options to choose from. Hats come in different styles, fitted, adjustable, and tons of other options.

If you are not sure then one of our suggestions is a Black Clover – Premium Fitted Hat. These hats are exceptionally high quality and reasonably affordable. This style is available in a few different colors and two different sizes. 

  1. Belt

The difference between high quality and cheap belts is extreme. Nice belts maintain their shape much longer and resist cracking or tearing. One of our best recommendations is the Slidebelt – Onyx Black Full Grain Leather Belt.

Slide belts make excellent gifts, as the unique design allows the customer to cut them to size. This means you do not need to know the exact waist size to give a quality golf belt. Slide belts are also easily adjustable for a perfect fit every day. 

  1. Headcovers

Tiger Woods famously uses a Tiger headcover when he golfs. These unique animal headcovers provide a sense of humor as well as uniqueness to any golfer’s bag. Daphne’s Animal Headcovers are a family-run business and have been creating these amazing headcovers for decades. The label of each and every headcover even comes with a label with the factory phone number, so that if you have any issues you can call them to quickly resolve it!

  1. Divot Tools

A divot tool is a must-have for every golfer. They are often sold at unique and special courses, as well as at tournaments. Therefore, many golfers come to collect divot tools. One extremely unique brand of divot tools is DuneGolf.

They make divot tools, ball markers, and even wine stoppers that are filled with grass or sand from some of the World’s greatest courses. This is an excellent way to let the golfer in your life carry a piece of their favorite course with them every time they go golfing!

  1. GPS Watch

If you are looking for a more expensive gift to stock someone’s stocking then perhaps get them a GPS Watch. Golf GPS watches provide valuable insight and data to golfers in a simple form factor. You can even pair it with the optional Approach CT10 tracking sensors for even more game improvement statistics.

One of our favorites is the Garmin Approach S40 GPS Watch. This watch is preloaded with over 41,000 golf courses from around the globe. It is also available in a few different distinct colors. This is a quality gift that the golfer in your life is sure to enjoy!

  1. Golf Ball Retrievers

No one is as young as they used to be. Bending down to pick up your golf ball can be harder than you’d think. Luckily there are a wide array of products called golf ball retrievers that assist in picking up golf balls. These devices range from a small clawlike product that clips to the bottom of a golf shaft, to large rigid retrievers that can hold dozens of balls.

One of our favorites is the Aluminum Bag Shag Tube. While maybe a little large to fit in a stocking, this reasonably priced product enables golfers to effortlessly pick up 23 balls. The aluminum construction makes it lightweight and easy to carry, with the form factor allowing it to easily fit in an ordinary golf bag. 

  1. Joke Golf Balls

This last one is a fun one. Golf isn’t serious and professional all of the time. At its core, it’s a game about having fun and these products certainly enforce that motto. There are multiple types of joke golf balls. A great one is the exploding golf ball, which explodes into a cloud of smoke when someone tries to hit it.

The one we recommend the most though is the Unputtaball Golf Ball. This ball rolls inconsistently. It is a blast to go out with friends and try to sink a putt with it. It is perhaps the most fun a golfer can get at its low price!

Overall, we hope this list has helped inspire you with an idea for that special golfer in your life. If you have any suggestions of your own, be sure to comment below and have a happy holiday season!

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