Tyler Brown, PGA Professional

“It really comes down to satisfaction.” – Tyler Brown

Tyler Brown was born in Ventura County but has been serving the golf industry in Northern California for over 14 years. He was the Head Golf Professional at Saddle Creek Resort and Granite Bay Golf Club prior to joining the Haggin Oaks team.

Tyler believes firmly in providing the appropriate level of instruction based on the student’s desired outcome and willingness to invest. “It really comes down to satisfaction. Goals and objectives are different with each player; some wish to be a competitive, single digit handicapper while others simply wish to get better so they can enjoy time on the course with friends or family.” While the fundamentals may not change, the direction and volume of information will vary for those two players. Tyler works with each player to identify challenges and opportunities within their golf swing. He focuses on building a foundation for the golf swing through proper Grip, Stance, Alignment, and Posture, but also believes that not everyone is built the same and therefore, should not be asked to swing the same. He works to help players of all ages and skill levels build a repeatable swing that produces measurable and desirable results on the golf course.