Michael Wilson, Club Fitter/Sales Associate

Michael was born in Palo Alto, California while his dad attended Stanford University, majoring in engineering. He grew up in San Jose, California.

After attending a couple of years of college, Michael enlisted in the Army to avoid being drafted. He was immediately sent to Vietnam and served in the 101st Airborne Division, stationed near the DMZ. In that year, Michael learned a lot about himself. He spent the rest of his enlistment in Germany and had an opportunity to see a lot of Europe. Michael had already been playing golf and was very interested in the sport, although he had never owned his own clubs. In appreciation of his military service, Michael’s parents gifted him with his first set of clubs.

After leaving the Army, Michael returned to school and graduated from Cabrillo College. He continued his studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

He wasn’t at UCSC long before he was given an opportunity to open a branch of a packaging and distribution company in Memphis, Tennessee. In a couple of years, Michael became the Corporate Vice President for the company. In a few years, he was presented with an opportunity to start up another branch and become part owner of a new packing/distribution company in Hayward, CA. This company was highly successful. Eventually, Michael sold his shares in the company to the other owners and went on to other business opportunities. Michael has spent 33 years as National and Regional Sales Managers for several companies. During these years, it became widely known that it would be wise to set up a round of golf when Michael came to town.

Upon retirement at the age of 54, Michael’s intention was to rest and play golf. However, it didn’t take long for that plan to wear thin. Michael decided to follow his passion for golf and came to work for Morton Golf at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex. After years of training, experience and a love of the game, Michael has become an excellent club fitter. His favorite expression has become, “Very nice, well done!”