Rob Seney, Apprentice Professional

Rob Seney believes that any individual can play better golf and have more fun.

Every player is different and we all have a learning style that works best for us. In Rob’s experience, the better an individual can understand and own their golf game, the more rewarding it will be.

Rob is a graduate of the Golf Academy of America in Phoenix, Arizona, and is pursuing a PGA apprenticeship. Before arriving at Haggin Oaks, Rob acted as the coach for junior golf at William Land.

Rob coaches the process of building awareness of one’s self and swing. He believes it should be enjoyable and always have an element of self-discovery. Any player can benefit from a swing that is more balanced from start to finish and from one that is sequenced together as efficiently as possible. Along with short game and set up, these are aspects of golf that will enhance a player’s ability, feel, and enjoyment regardless of one’s current skill.

Rob is passionate about helping juniors and adults have more fun, enjoy playing with others, and discover their true potential.