Dick McShane, Tenured Golf Professional

“Over 30 Years of Teaching Experience at Haggin Oaks”

DickMcShane_1000Born and raised in Massachusetts, Dick started golf as a caddy at age 9. Dick won several tournaments playing junior golf in Massachusetts. After high school, he joined the USAF and played USAF golf teams at McClellan AFB and Clark AFB on the Philippine Islands.

Dick has been an instructor at Haggin Oaks since 1981, and has attended countless golf schools, teaching workshops and PGA Teaching & Coaching Summits. Some of the workshop topics Dick has attended are:

  • Teaching the New Player and Highly Skilled Player
  • Teaching the Women Player
  • Correcting Common Swing Faults
  • “Do we Teach a Method or Individual Differences?”
  • Teaching Junior Golfers
  • How Does a Good Junior Player Get a College Scholarship?

Dick has been heavily involved with teaching many of the Haggin Oaks Junior Programs and was instrumental in starting the “California Eagles” program for the mentally and physically challenged, which earned him a “Community Service Award.” Dick teaches many adult classes through the “Learning Exchange,” where he has taught over 6,500 students. He also teaches junior golf camps and classes as well as private lessons for men, women and juniors. Dick is known for his patience, understanding and friendly demeanor. His philosophy is to keep instruction simple and easy to understand so that a fun atmosphere is created. He works with each student to design a personal improvement program to help them achieve their golfing goals.

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