World Long Drive Qualifier at Haggin Oaks

Check out the WLD Qualifier at the Haggin Oaks Driving Range

The driver, everyone’s favorite club to hit. Every golfer enjoys mashing a ball hundreds of yards down the fairway with their driver but they may not get the opportunity often. Some golfers enjoy driving so much that it is all they practice. These golfers are called long drivers

NorCal Long Drive

Every Thursday night a group of long drivers meet at the Haggin Oaks Driving Range and blast balls into orbit. NorCal Long Drive puts on a weekly challenge Thursday nights at Haggin Oaks, where long drivers compete to see who can hit it furthest. If you have not seen or heard of long driving then you are missing out because it is a lot of fun and quite the spectacle. Come to the driving range on a Thursday night to see long drivers in action or even participate for yourself.


WLD stands for World Long Drive, the organization that organizes and hosts the World Long Drive Championship. In order to get into the World Long Drive Championship players must qualify at a local World Long Drive Qualifier. This year Haggin Oaks is hosting a local qualifier for World Long Drive on July 29th from 8 pm to midnight. The driving range will still be open to the public so anyone is able to come watch or even participate.

Check out the WLD Qualifier on July 29th or NorCal Long Drive any Thursday night!

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