Wilson Golf Staff’s Greatest Achievements

Since 1914, Wilson Sporting Goods has been manufacturing golf equipment. This makes them one of the oldest American golf companies still in operation. Over the years, the company has created some truly game-changing innovations. Let’s take a look at some of their most incredible contributions!

The First Sand Wedge
In 1932, Gene Sarazen believed there must be an easier way to hit balls out of the sand. He took inspiration from the aerodynamic shape of an airplane wing, welded a piece of steel to his Wilson wedge, and ground it down. He effectively invented “bounce”. Sarazen went on to win the British Open with his newly created club. Wilson began officially producing replicas of this club and marketed them as the R-90, which is now considered the world’s first true sand wedge!

Ogg-mented Irons
At the same time as the introduction of the R-90, Willie Ogg, a senior adviser for Wilson, changed the game as well. He recognized that blades were extremely unforgiving and difficult to hit. Irons were too likely to twist about the heel of the club. Ogg added material to the toe, which better distributed the weight and increased the moment of inertia (MOI). This small change had drastic results and became the precursor to the cavity back irons we have today!

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Wilson President, Lawrence Icely helped provide financial backing in 1948 to found the Women’s PGA. This organization would later become the LPGA and become the immensely popular organization it is today. It would certainly be inaccurate to suggest the LPGA could not be around today without Wilson Staff. Nonetheless, it is a proud moment in the company’s history for it to have seen the importance of women in golf!

More Majors Won Than Any Brand
This one is self-explanatory. According to Wilson, they have more majors won than any other brand. That is certainly an achievement to brag about. Over the years Wilson has had great names such as Gene Sarazen, Sam Snead, Arnold Palmer, and more!

Wilson Staff Ball
In 1954, Wilson introduced the Wilson Staff ball. The original ball was able to launch 40% faster than golf head speed. This ball led the way for Wilson to continue making strides in golf ball technology. Today Wilson has the Wilson Staff Duo, which is one of the best balls in its price category.

Overall, Wilson has been a behemoth in the golf industry. They have changed the game forever. There are hardly any other brands in golf that can rival the importance of Wilson’s achievements. Today, they honor their rich history by continuing to produce excellent equipment for golfers around the globe.

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