Where Do You Stand In The Average Golf Handicaps in 2020?

Did you know that the average golf handicap index for men is 14.2? and the average handicap index for women is 27.5.

The USGA recently gathered all of its registered handicaps and that number topped more than 2 million registered golfers through the USGA’s golf handicap information network…or GHIN.

Nearly one-fourth of men have handicaps ranging from 13.9.

Your thirteen point nines are better than half the men with registered handicaps with almost 51 percent below 14.

Roughly twelve percent of women with registered handicaps fall into the range of 26 to 28.9.

Now, if men want to fall into the top 10 percent of golfers, you’ll need a handicap index of four point nine and for women, a top ten handicap index would be fourteen point nine or better.

Scratch players with a plus handicap index of less than zero are almost two percent of men and not quite one percent of women. so, now you know where you stand and if you don’t have a handicap index, get one!

It levels the playing field.

That’s your golf to go!

By Frank LaRosa, a popular Northern California radio and television personality and golf writer who has chronicled the game and industry across multiple platforms since 1988. He currently produces and hosts a daily golf radio feature for Sports 1140 KHTK called “Golf to Go.” He has hosted a series of Emmy nominated golf programs for KVIE television called “Tee Time: Golf in Northern California.” He has written about golf for numerous print publications including NCGA magazine and Sacramento Magazine. His work in golf has garnered him numerous accolades including induction into the Sacramento Golf Hall of Fame and California Golf Hall of Fame, Honorary membership into the PGA, and he is a three-time winner of the Northern California PGA Media Person of the Year award.


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