What are Arccos Sensors and How Do They Work?

Arccos sensors are gaining wide notoriety within the golf community. Cobra and Ping are currently including these sensors with many of their stock clubs.

Arccos promises to reduce your strokes and provide valuable statistics to help you improve. However, what exactly are these sensors and how do they work? These questions and more we will answer in this article.

What are Arccos Sensors? 

Arccos sensors are small sensors that attach to the bottom of a golf grip. These sensors are able to provide smart distance calculations and map overlays for the rounds you play. These smart distances break down your estimated distances for each individual club in your bag. The overlay also helps you remember where you hit every shot and work to improve your approaches. This knowledge streamlines the club selection process for users who struggle to know what club to use at certain distances. 

How do Arccos Sensors Work? 

The sensors are relatively basic. They have a small sensor and a transceiver. The sensor senses when the club has impacted a ball. The transceiver then transmits that information to your phone. Your phone knows which club each sensor correlates to. The Arccos Caddie app on your phone utilizes this information and its internal GPS to determine where on the course every club was used. It is important to work properly, that you have Arccos sensors on most of your clubs and that you keep your phone on or near you while you play. 

Do Arccos Sensors Work Well? 

Arccos sensors are highly innovative and successful. According to Arccos, they have over 300,000 users worldwide. Average users have benefited from an estimated four strokes when used at least five times a year. This gain is immense and the golf industry has taken note. Golf Digest has awarded the Arccos sensors its prestigious Editor’s Choice Award five straight times. Multiple manufacturers like Ping and Cobra are now including Arccos sensors on new equipment. 

How Long Will Arccos Sensors Last?

Arccos sensors do not require recharging or solar charging. The small sensor and transceiver utilize a single permanent battery. Arccos Sensors are built to be exceptionally power efficient. According to Arccos users can expect at least two years of use before the battery dies. If a sensor dies before that two years, Arccos has a special two-year warranty after initial activation. After that two years, users can purchase replacement sensors at a special discounted rate if they contact Arccos support. 


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