Volunteer Profile: Rick Walker

Rick Walker has been a Volunteer Player Assistant for over 5 years at Haggin Oaks.

When asked what his passions are he immediately answered golf, music, and Harleys.

I can understand the golf part because most days he can be seen on any golf course but when it comes to music he used to play with a band called ROADHOUSE in Las Vegas.

In fact, in 1982 they recorded an album called “Let it Shine”.  Rick has always had a love for Harleys and has owned one since he’s been 19 years old.

Today, Rick shows his talent at “open mic nights” around Sacramento.

This week he’ll be singing his original music at Stage 76 in Fair Oaks.

Rick is married to Sarah for the past 32 years who also shares his interest in music.  Sarah’s claim to fame is being a Hula dancer.  She dances with the Halau group and performs around Sacramento, Lincoln, and the New Castle area.

Sarah joins Rick on the golf course every year when they travel to Hawaii.

Let’s thank Rick for all he continues to do at Haggin Oaks!

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