Volunteer Profile: GIL ROBLES, Player Assistant

Enquiring Minds Want to Know . . .

Gil Robles has been a Volunteer Player Assistant for the past 12 years. Before coming to Haggin Oaks, he was employed by Yolo County as County /Tribe Inter-Governmental Coordinator.

Through his love for the game, when he retired he wanted to spend his time near a golf course where he is around people with his exact interest.

Gill started playing the game while working at Safeway many years ago. He played with other co-workers who had the same day off every Thursday. They traveled all around the Northern California area to enjoy the scenery of different golf courses that challenged their game.

He has been married for the past 53 years to his best friend, Peggy. They have three wonderful children, two boys, and one girl. The boys have moved out of California, but he still has one daughter living in Citrus Heights. In addition, Gil & Peggy have eight grandchildren to enjoy.

In Gil’s spare time, he enjoys music when he is not on the golf course. He is a Barbershop Harmony singer as a baritone with the Capital Aires group who uses their talent and time to play around the Greater Sacramento area. He also has mastered the skill of playing the guitar and banjo for the past 60 years.

With Gil’s fine-tuned customer service skills, he has been a tremendous asset to the Morton Golf Family. He is always happy when he is out on the course helping the customers and enjoys beating anyone’s expectations.

Thanks Gil for all you do!

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