Trackman Congratulates The Coaches Of The PGA Championship’s Top Performers

Denmark, August 18, 2011 – TrackMan congratulates the coaches for the top six finishers at 2011’s final major, the PGA Championship. The six coaches – Jim McLean, Chuck Cook, Magnus Landstrøm, Mark Blackburn, Brian Manzella, and EJ Pfister – all own and use TrackMan as an important part of their instruction programs.

While TrackMan’s impact on club-fitting the world’s best players has been well documented, its increasing influence on coaching and instruction is not as well-known. But over the last couple years, and due to TrackMan’s unique ability to accurately measure club delivery (club path, face angle, angle of attack, swing plane, etc.), more golf coaches have been using the technology to quantify student technique where it matters most – impact. By combining the accurate club delivery measurements with industry standard ball flight measurements, TrackMan has provided instructors and their students an incredible leap forward in understanding why a ball goes where it does, translating to improved player results. Guessing or assumptions no longer need to be part of the teaching equation – at least for those using the technology.

As the golf industry sees more success from the use of TrackMan in instruction and coaching, more of the top instructors around the world are adding TrackMan to their programs. Strong evidence of this movement was on display at the 2011 PGA Championship as the instructors of the top six finishers own and use TrackMan as a part of their instruction and teaching philosophy. TrackMan would like to congratulate these men on their recent coaching success:

1. Jim McLean
2. Chuck Cook
3. Magnus Landstrøm
T4. Mark Blackburn
T4. Brian Manzella
T4. EJ Pfister

TrackMan also congratulates PGA Professional and University of Illinois Men’s Golf Coach Mike Small for his performance at the 2011 PGA Championship. Small, the three-time PGA Professional National Champion, shot 12-over 292 to earn low Club Professional honors while competing in his seventh PGA Championship. Coach Small and the golf team at University of Illinois, like many top university programs across the country, use TrackMan as part of their training and practice.

2010 PGA Champion, Martin Kaymer, and his instructor, Guenter Kessler are also TrackMan owners. Kessler is also the coach for rising star Caroline Masson, who recently finished 5th at the 2011 Women’s British Open.

About TrackMan
TrackMan™ is an easy to use indoor/outdoor radar-based solution for analyzing the impact conditions and resulting ball flight in golf. TrackMan™ provides the industry’s most accurate real-time data and graphics on club delivery, ball launch, ball flight, and landing. TrackMan A/S, headquartered in VedbÆk, Denmark, is the developer and owner of TrackMan™ technology. TrackMan™ technology includes a comprehensive patent portfolio of granted patents and pending patents applications.

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