Tom Morton Visits KCRA Channel 3 To Talk About Golf Training Aids

Tom Morton recently visited the KCRA Channel 3 studios in Sacramento where he talked to Eileen Javora about how to improve your golf game with the best training aids on the market.

Rain or shine, you can always work on your golf game. If you can’t make it to the course during these wintry days, clear a space in your house or garage and work on these tips from Morton Golf’s PGA Director of Player Performance, Tom Morton. Click HERE to watch the video segment.

The First Foot – $59.99
This training aid addresses the problem of most people who miss a putt within the first foot, because their clubhead isn’t quite square when they address the ball. This training aid is simple to use and features a kevlar board and a few tees that allow you to practice your putting stroke and receive immediate feedback. Try it for a few minutes every day to build rhythm and to regulate the length of your putting stroke. You’ll be putting like a pro in no time!

The Tour Striker – $99.99
The Tour Striker addresses the problem many golfers face who hit the ball without enough “forward shaft lean”. This training aid forces people to practice holding the club in a better position.

The Orange Whip Training Aid – $109.99
The Orange Whip helps create tempo and rhythm. As you swing the club, you can feel the orange ball at the tip swinging with you. If the ball gets out of control, then you are probably swinging too quickly in the area of your swing where the ball starts to whip.

The Swingrite – $129.99
This training aid teaches you how to create a lot of clubhead speed, but also how to do it at the right time. When done correctly, the club will “snap” at the right time – at impact.

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