Tips From The Pro: Pre-Shot Routine – Aim the Clubface First

Haggin Oaks Director of Instruction and Club Fitting Tom Morton sent out this little tip on his personal blog this morning- check it out if you’d like some additional great swing recommendations to better your game…

Here is a timeless tip that I have always remembered and utilized from Greg Norman:

Accurate alignment would be a simple matter if we could stand directly on the line that extends from our ball to the target. But the fact is that we stand to the side of the ball, and that makes alignment tough. For this reason, I don’t even try to align my body to the target until after I have aligned my clubface.

Holding the club in my right hand only, I approach the ball from behind. While I do this, I sight up and down the line that extends from the ball to my target, looking for a spot a few yards in front of my ball and on that line. Once I find that, I set the clubface behind the ball, and swivel it minutely back and forth until it is pointing directly at the spot.

Only after the clubface is squarely in position do I assume my grip and align my body in the address position.

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