The Vandangos at Music on the Green

The Vandangos Perform at Music on the Green, Hosted at William Land Golf course

Music on the Green is a concert at William Land Golf Course where you get to enjoy good food and live music. The upcoming Music on the Green is on August 10th and is the final show of the summer. The ticket price of $30 includes dinner, one drink, and live music from The Vandangos. The event will last from 6 pm-8 pm and you can buy tickets now by clicking HERE.

The Concert

Listening to live music at an outdoor venue is a magical and intimate experience that immerses you in the beauty of both nature and music. As the sun begins to set, the warm glow envelops the stage, creating a captivating ambiance as the Vandangos steal the show.

The venue’s smaller size allows for a closer connection with The Vandangos, making it feel like your own private concert. The acoustics of the outdoor setting lend a unique quality to the music, allowing the melodies to blend seamlessly with the natural sounds of the surroundings.

Come join us at our outdoor venue where we will be enjoying live music from the Vandangos! Music on the Geen is hosted by William Land Golf Course, located at 1701 Sutterville Rd, Sacramento.

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