The Titleist Gran Z Golf Ball – Now Available in the U.S.A

The Titleist Gran Z golf ball was originally introduced exclusively in Japan to compete in the emerging Premium Distance category that was unique to the Japanese golf market. After six years, the Titleist Gran Z golf ball is coming to America!

Features and Benefits:

  • Two-component dual core construction
  • Surlyn cover
  • 330 dimples in seven sizes
  • Very low spin from tee through green
  • Soft compression
  • The low spin, long distance launch condition is optimum for golfers with swing speeds between 78-85 mph who prioritize distance

We are now selling the Titleist Gran-Z premium yellow golf balls in clear clam shell packaging. They are all brand new, unblemished golf balls and are available in the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop, or you can click HERE to order online at For $23.99/dozen, they are an excellent value.

The Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop is located at 3645 Fulton Avenue in Sacramento, CA. It is the most awarded golf shop in America.


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