The Space Shuttle Endeavor Flies Over Haggin Oaks

The Space Shuttle Endeavor flew over the Haggin Oaks Golf Course this morning on is farewell tour leaving staff and customers in awe.

The Endeavor made its way through Sacramento on Friday morning around 10 am as it flew up I-5 and then made a big circle around McClellan Air Force Base before it continued its journey right down the first fairway of the Alister MacKenzie Golf Course at Haggin Oaks.

The shuttle had a military jet escort and the shuttle was easy to spot as it flew roughly 1500 feet off the ground.

This majestic site brought the golf course to a stop. Employees and customers left the Super Shop to witness the event and everyone on the driving range stopped hitting balls.

The Endeavor continues on its journey, heading south to tour San Francisco, Malibu, Disneyland and more before landing at LAX later today.

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