The Notah Begay III QUALIFIER #2: 12-18 Winners!

2023 NB3 QUALIFIER #2: 12-18 Photo

The Notah Begay III #2: 12-18 happened at Arcade Creek this weekend!

The Junior Golf Association of Northern California (JGANC) hosted the NB3 QUALIFIER #2: 12-18 atHaggin Oaks Golf Complex.

The Notah Begay III Jr. Golf National Championship Series (NB3 JGNC) is a 2-stage qualifying process culminating in a 54-hole National Championship that will air on Golf Channel during a 2-hour broadcast. The Series is open to all players.

JGANC is a non-profit organization that has been creating champions since 1970. They offer a variety of fun, competitive, affordable junior golf tournaments for boys and girls ages 7 to 18.

Congratulations to the winners:

Boys 12-13 Dylan Hidayat (1st Place), Karl Besinga (T2nd Place), Oscar Seem (T2nd Place), Girls 12-13 Jenny Kwon (1st Place), Erin Le Nguyen (2nd Place), Anna Le Nguyen, Boys 14-15 Landon Abalateo (1st Place), Leo McDonough (T2nd Place), Luke Harrison (T2nd Place), Girls 14-15 Lillian McGowan (1st Place), Petra Yee (2nd Place), Mia McDowell (3rd Place), Boys 16-18 Samuel Lyons (1st Place), Kasey Gaff (2nd Place), Matthew Miyamoto (T3rd Place), Gavin Theis (T3rd Place), Girls 16-18 Haley Wong (1st Place), Amy Na (2nd Place), Morgan Pittman (3rd Place).

Take a look at the scoreboard below:

Boys 12-13

Girls 12-13

Boys 14 -15

Girls 14-15

Boys 16-18

Girls 16-18

Boys 14-18 Team

Girls 14- 18 Team

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Another congratulation to the winners of the Notah Begay III QUALIFIER #2: 12-18!

More About JGANC

Lending a hand to the young golfers in Northern California to further their dreams, develop their personality, give them a foundation, and prepare them for the future is a prime directive of the Junior Golf Association of Northern California.

While golf is a healthy, wholesome activity that relies on both physical and mental discipline to succeed, it is also relatively expensive. The JGANC has made every effort to open the door to young golfers regardless of economic means.

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