The Morton Golf Academy Presents Vector Green Reading – Lower Your Putting Strokes and Improve Your Golf Game

Vector Green Reading means lower scores and it is much more reliable than trusting your eyes. It is based on mathematics and science – foreign subjects for many golfers – but with insight, logic and… the only thing that really counts – proven results, Vector Green Reading is not just for the “super technical” playing professional. ALL golfers can do this and do it well!

Once you learn the Vector Green Reading method, you will never again miss the direction of how a ball breaks. You will now have the way for every putt!

Vector Green Reading was invented by HA Templeton in the early 80’s. Developer of the SR 71 Blackbird, a US Air Force Colonel and golf enthusiast. He’s validated his methods with proven scientific research. Vector might be thought of as a new way to read putts; however, it has been around for more than 30 years and usually used by highly skilled players. Mr. Templeton thought using science would be a much better way to read greens than guessing. Thanks to Mike Schy and some very dedicated PGA professionals, Vector Green Reading is now simple to understand, simple to incorporate into anyone’s golf game, and it is the sought after Green Reading method for professionals, college players, top amateurs, junior golfers and everyday golfers.

When you take this class, you will also receive your own pocket book that not only tells the direction of the break but also the amount of break in inches from any position around the hole. Imagine “knowing” the exact break of every putt… every time!

How Can That Be Legal?

Just think of your Vector Green Reading Book as a very detailed yardage book – for greens. It’s the same kind of information. This book is perfectly legal by USGA standards.

Who Should Attend?

Vector Green Reading is for all golfers. Whether you’re a professional golfer, tournament playing amateur, serious recreational player, junior or caddy – you will discover for the first time a revolutionary and highly reliable new method for reading putts. If you never again want to guess at how much break to play on any putt within 20 feet of the hole – you should find a way to meet up with us for this unique learning experience. To reserve your space in our next seminar, call 916-808-2531. Have you ever taken a lesson in green reading?

What Will You Learn?
  • The 3 primary green shapes and how they affect the putt.
  • How much break to play for any putt.
  • How break changes as green speed changes.
  • How to estimate break using fall lines.
  • How to find the Zero Break Lines, as discovered by HA Templeton in 1980
  • Eye and putter face alignment.
  • Aiming and alignment.
  • Optical illusions and slope perception.
  • Common green-reading misconceptions and mistakes.
  • Actually know what you are doing when you get to a Green.
Who will be teaching?

Mike Schy – PGA Class A Member, Master Green Reader and Putter Fitter, Authorized Vecter Green Reading Instructor

Basic Clinic Includes:
  1. Importance of speed control
  2. What is the proper speed to maximize the holes capture width
  3. Importance of hitting a putt on an intended line
  4. How to find a fall line. There is a straight putt on every hole location
  5. High Points and Low points- Why are they important?
  6. Zero Break lines
  7. Key green shapes: Planners, Saddles and Crowns
  8. Vector Green Reading Book and how to use the basic book
  9. Predictable breaks
  10. How to find the speed of a green
  11. How to find the slope of a hole placement
School Dates – to be held at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex (3645 Fulton Avenue in Sacramento):
  • July 14th (4pm – 5:30pm)
  • August 7th (11am – 12:30pm)
  • August 27th (10am – 11:30am or 2pm – 3:30pm)
  • September 17th (10am – 11:30am or 2pm – 3:30pm)

$99.99 which includes one and a half hours of basic green reading instruction along with an easy to use green reading chart ($20 value)

To sign up:

Call the Haggin Oaks Appointment Office at 916-808-2531 to sign up (Space is Limited)

Give this opportunity serious consideration. There may be nothing that you can do for your golf game that will produce as much improvement as aiming your putter correctly and reading the greens right.

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