The Importance of Titleist Ball Fitting with Frank LaRosa from Golf to Go on ESPN 1320

During the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo, Golf to Go on ESPN Radio 1320 personality, Frank LaRosa, interviewed Mike Gibson, Ball Fitting Manager for Titleist, on the importance of ball fitting.

Why is ball fitting important? According to Gibson, golf balls are “the only piece of equipment used on every golf shot.”

Titleist is the number one golf ball used in the world and over their 75 year history, they have learned a thing or two on the importance of ball fitting. When getting fit for the proper golf ball, it is important to fit the ball to your game. Are you looking for spin, distance, or direction control?

The methodology for Titleist works from the green backwards. When fitting golf balls, start with your irons first, your wedges second and finish with your driver. Your greatest opportunity for scoring is around the green and you want a golf ball that feels soft and will provide good spin for YOUR game to achieve better scores in golf. Titleist wants to get you in a golf ball that will let you hit more greens in regulation. Why? Each green in regulation is worth about two strokes.

Haggin Oaks has recently installed new interactive golf ball fitting units in the Super Shop. Come in and find out which Titleist golf ball is best suited to lowering your scores on the golf course.

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