The George Archer Memorial Foundation for Literacy

“Because every child deserves to read, the George Archer Memorial Foundation for Literacy supports tutoring programs for people afflicted with learning disabilities that interfere with their ability to process written communications.”

During the 2011 Haggin Oaks Golf Expo, Frank LaRosa with ESPN 1320 Golf to Go, talked to George Archer’s widow, Donna Archer, about the George Archer Memorial Foundation for Literacy that she founded in his memory. It was a fact known to few for many years that legendary golfer and Masters champion, George Archer, could not read or write past the 3rd grade level. According to Donna Archer, “He spent a great deal of energy in his life keeping that secret.” Towards the end of his life, George Archer agreed to reveal his secret in order to help children avoid the same difficulties he faced.

The George Archer Memorial Foundation provides funding to support early intervention. In the past, funds have directly benefited the San Mateo Public Library and the Charles Armstrong School in Belmont, California, which works diligently with students facing language-based learning difficulties.

Want to help? Join their annual fund-raising event, The George Archer Memorial Stroke of Genius Pro-Am, which will be held on Monday, October 31, 2011 at The Peninsula Golf & Country Club. Click HERE for more information on the tournament. Monetary donations are always welcome. Click HERE to donate.

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