The First Tee Juniors from Haggin Oaks’ Trip to The Charles Schwab Cup

Recently, a group of The First Tee kids from Haggin Oaks went down to watch the Charles Schwab Cup at the Harding Park Golf Course in San Francisco. Kelli Corlett led a team of our juniors down to this local Senior PGA Tour event and the experience was inspiring for the juniors.

The Charles Schwab Cup Championship welcomed the kids with open arms. Chevron sponsored a tent for The First Tee kids that was set up on the 18th hole. The kids were treated to lunch and perfect viewing of the final hole of the tournament. They were on hand to watch Jay Don Blake hold on and pull out the win too.

Brandon Morton (13) picked up some tips from the players as he focused on the pre-hitting routine of every player. According to Brandon, “Each player had a routine. They were all different. Some would measure out their exact distance from the yardage markers, others would walk in front of the ball to double check the lie. Most took one or two practice swings before hitting the ball.”

The day provided a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for another one of our juniors, Ethan Nottingham, who was chosen to go through a mock interview just like the pro’s in the Media Center.

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