The Cobra AMP Driver is Now in Stock

IT’S GO TIME! The new Cobra AMP product is scheduled to arrive in stores today.

Check out this video as Rickie Fowler talks about his first week with Cobra Golf. It seems like the perfect introduction to the new product.

Rickie likes the new AMP driver, will you?

Cobra Golf Men’s AMP Drivers – Offset
E9 Face Technology with Offset Design delivers longer distance and high, draw-biased ball flight
Offset design, Advanced Material Placement Technology, deep heel biased center of gravity and crown alignment features all combine to help you aim better and hit straighter, more draw-biased shots.

  • E9 Face Technology with Dual Roll:  Has an elliptical face featuring a new canted bulge with dual roll design providing more distance to shots hit above and below the centerline.
  • AMP Speed Tuning:  Each loft optimizes the amount of Dual Roll, head weight, shaft weight and length differently to deliver the best performance for a given club head speed.
  • Offset Design:  Reduces the effects of a slice by squaring the head more quickly through impact.
  • Titanium 6-4 head with semi-forged, milled titanium face
  • A Unique Crown Alignment Features:  Helps players aim the driver on target
Click HERE to go to to check out the new Cobra AMP drivers or come into the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex at 3645 Fulton Avenue in Sacrament. Want to get fit like a pro? Call 916-808-2531 and schedule an appointment for a fitting inside our Player Performance Studio.

And, you may want to schedule your fitting with Morton Golf’s biggest fan of Cobra PUMA, our own Matt Young, who bore a striking resemblance to Rickie recently at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL. 

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