The 2011 Top Golf Gifts Under $10 for Dad This Father’s Day

Looking to find your dad the perfect golf gift this Father’s Day? We’ve scoured our shelves to find unique and fun gifts that your dad will love! On a budget? Don’t worry – these gifts won’t leave a dent in your bank account – all are priced at under $10!

I’d Rather Be Driving A Titleist Golf Ball Golf License Plate Holder$2.99
Show your zany golfing side off to the world with this great lightweight durable plastic license plate holder that reads “I’d Rather Be Driving A Titleist.”

Fiberglass Reflective Rod Golf Training Aids- $5.99    
The 4′ fiberglass rods with reflective tape are great to monitor in-swing positions, aid alignment, or guide swing path and plane.

Hillbilly Putter and Pro Set- $7.99    
This instrument is sanctioned by the HGA (Hillbilly Golf Association).  However, any claims or requests for improved scores will only produce loud guffaws and obscene catcalls.

Golfgames: The Side Games We Play and Wager by R.M. Ussak$8.95    
Subtitled, The Side Games We Play and Wager and profusely illustrated with cartoons, charts, score cards, this book breaks the game into four groups and includes the “19th hole.”

Twilight Tracer Golf Balls$8.99   
If there is never enough time in your dad’s day to get in enough golf, then get him the Twilight Tracer golf ball – a regulation golf ball with an inner core that contains proprietary circuitry, a lithium battery, and two red LED lights that are programmed to flash at a rate of 7.2 flashes per second for a duration time of 5-6 minutes.

Golf Ball Monogrammer- $9.99    
The rules of golf require the golfer to be able to identify their ball. With this monogram stamper, instant ‘press-and-dry’ technology applies a two or three initial, smudge-free monogram in seconds.

Grow-A-Head Golf Chia Pet- $9.99    
Dad won’t need a lawnmower to take care of this ‘do. Keep the fairways and greens right on his desk, even when he is away from the golf course! Product will grow in office light or in indirect sunlight.

FootJoy WeatherSof Golf Gloves-  $9.99 per glove
The world’s #1 glove offers golfers an advanced synthetic glove with a long-lasting difference.

Giggle Putt Joke Golf Ball- $6.99
The inventors of the Exploder golf ball bring us GigglePutt- the golf ball that emits snickering, infectious laughter whenputted.

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