10/17- 10/22 Sacramento Golf Weekly Recap

In case you missed it… here is everything you need to know from this past week! Wednesday- The Golf & Guitars Fore-teen Photo Recap The 2-day fundraising event started off Monday evening, October 17th with the Singer/Songwriter Night with over 450 golfers and VIP guests in attendance. Thursday- 2022 Titleist Velocity Golf Balls Are Here… Continue reading →

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Make A Call With SONIC 1 | REVO BLACK Sunglasses

Tony a Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop teamsters wears them at the Driving Range. SONIC 1 | REVO BLACK has 11 hours’ worth of nonstop music or 8 hours of phone calls Directional stereo speakers also allow you to enjoy music on the move without interruption. Sonic 1’s unrivaled battery life gives you 11 hours’… Continue reading →