STAFF PROFILE: ISAAC ORTEGA, Starter At Pro Shop in William Land Golf Course

Enquiring Minds Want to Know . . .

Isaac Ortega has been a Starter in the Pro Shop at William Land Golf Course for the past 3 months.
Before joining the staff at William Land Golf Course he was employed at Orange Theory Fitness. Isaac was looking to get into the golf environment and he was happy when this position began available to him.

After playing baseball for 14 years he had an injury a few years ago that led him to transition into golf today. Isaac has taken some lessons at Ancil Hoffman Golf Course and now he enjoys a sport that gives him the opportunity to play more often.

Isaac is a student at American River College with hopes to transfer to San Jose State University as a Computer Science Major. His goal is to get an internship that will help him along his way.

When he is not working at the golf course or playing golf his hobbies are practicing baseball with his brother and creating 3-D art.

We welcome Isaac to the Morton Golf family at William Land Golf Course and look forward to seeing him on and off the course.

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