Staff Profile: HUNTER HAYES, Golf Cart Attendant

Enquiring Minds Want to Know . . .

Come to the Cart Barn to meet one of our newest Morton Golf employees, Hunter Hayes.
Hunter has been at Haggin Oaks for three days and is already at ease with the job. The first thing I noticed about Hunter while I was at the Cart Barn interviewing him was how aware he was of the customers and ensuring their needs were met.

Hunter is a 2019 High School Star Athlete graduate of Casa Roble High School in Orangevale, CA. Before coming to Haggin Oaks, he was employed at Home Depot in Antelope.

He is very much a baseball athlete first but does enjoy the game of golf. He has been playing golf since he was 15, when his Uncle introduced him to the game.

The St. Louis Cardinals baseball team has recently drafted Hunter. In March 2023, he heads to Jupiter, FL, for spring training, where he also plans to take advantage of playing some great golf courses there. After a month of training, the St. Louis Cardinals Coaches will decide where he will be. Will it be Single-A, Double-A, or Triple-A? Hunter will have plenty of Sacramento fans rooting for him as he continues his baseball career.

Stop by the Cart Barn and introduce yourself to Hunter. I am sure he can answer any baseball trivia you can ask him.

Good luck, Hunter as you continue at Haggin Oaks. We look forward to following your baseball career.

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