Staff Profile: Dan Kowall

Growing up on the Monterey Peninsula, Dan began playing golf with his father at ten. He continued to play as a youth and, after playing high school golf, went on to play in college for The University of San Francisco. He entered the PGA of America Apprentice Program in Santa Cruz, and as he has honed his skills coaching over the years has also played on the New Zealand Tour, in the PGA’s Napa event at Silverado, and several annual events on the Senior Tour down in Florida. Dan has been a PGA Member for 43 years.

Dan specializes in teaching senior golfers, beginners, pairs, or small groups. He believes that fundamentals, learning to coach yourself, and designing a practical practice for his students will maximize their improvement over time. He creates his approach for each student after getting to know the student’s traits and sports background to customize and individualize his approach. Lastly, he understands the importance of having fun plays in productive lessons and continued improvement in the great game of golf.

Thank you for being a member of our Morton Golf team, Dan!

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