SPECIAL OFFER: Cleveland CG16 Tour Department Issue Raw Wedges Now in Stock

We’ve taken delivery at Haggin Oaks on 36 Cleveland CG16 Tour Department Issue Raw Wedges. These wedges are just like the regular CG16 wedges but they’re not chromed. They are left in a raw finish to give them a softer feel. We have the following specs on-hand:
52, 56 low bounce, 56 standard bounce, 60 low bounce, 60 standard bounce- all in right-handed.

They are priced to move at $119.99 each. Historically, these wedges retail for $150 and are only available through one of five advisory staff members and by special order. Our own Ken Morton, Jr. is a Cleveland Golf Advisory Staff Member.

Click HERE to order online at MortonGolfSales.com.

Cleveland Tour Department CG16 Raw Zip Groove Wedges
  • Laser Milled Face
    • More precise and consistent surface roughness than alternative methods
    • Optimal surface roughness to maximize spin
  • Wedge Cavity Back
    • Perimeter weighting and geometry to deepend center-of-gravity and increase MOI
    • Improved stability and forgiveness on off-center hits while maintaining signature “Cleveland” feel
  • Tour Proven C Sole Design
    • Wide constant width sole from heel to toe combined with heel and toe grinds
    • improves bunker performance while maintaining shot-making versatility
  • Tour Zip Grooves
    • Precise milling technology preserves edges and maintains perfect groove consistency
    • Maximized allowable groove dimensions while conforming to 2011 USGA Groove Requirements

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