Some Fun Facts About the Masters Tournament

by Frank LaRosa, Golf to Go

With the Masters Tournament right around the corner, Golf To Go did a bit of digging for some fun facts about the tournament.

The name, The Masters, was coined by Clifford Roberts in 1938…but apparently Bobby Jones was never a fan of the name.

Sam Snead was the first champion to receive a green jacket in 1949. The jackets were purchased from Brooks Uniform Company of New York, but were originally intended for club members so that patrons could easily find them in a crowd to ask questions.

The Masters was the first tournament to be covered nationwide on radio. It was the first to use bleachers. It was also the fist to use on-course scoreboards.

The Masters was not played from 1943-1945 because of WW II. To help with the war effort turkeys and cattle grazed on the grounds!

The previous year’s champion hosts a Champion’s Dinner for past champions. This year, Tiger Woods’ menu includes steak and chicken fajitas, sushi and sashimi followed by milkshakes for dessert.

Tiger Woods is the youngest to ever win the tournament at the age of 21 years, 3 months, and 14 days in 1997.

Jack Nicklaus is the oldest champion at 46 years, 2 months, and 23 days in 1986. Nicklaus also holds the most wins at 6!

The tournament is normally scheduled for the first full week (Sunday to Sunday) in April. This year the tournament will be held from November 12th – 15th due to Covid 19.

When watching The Masters, you can always expect beauty…expect tradition…expect drama…and expect memories. The Masters never disappoints.

As Jim Nantz says, “It’s a tradition unlike any other.”

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