SNEAK PEAK with PICTURES! Nike Golf Will Release New Method Technology with the Nike Method Core Weighted Putter

Polymetal groove technology combined with a weighting system

With professional wins across the globe, Nike Method technology delivers putting confidence. Creating and innovating never stops at Nike Golf with the newest edition to its Method franchise, the Method Core Weighted putter. Click HERE to shop online.

The Nike Method Core Weighted putter utilizes fixed weights on the heel and sole of the putter to provide proper weighting by putter length. The weights help to lower the center of gravity as well as move the center of gravity away from the face.

David Franklin, Nike Golf Master Modelmaker, stated, “Most people don’t realize that they are about 3/10 of an inch above the ground at impact. You need to keep the center of gravity of the putter as low as you can so that it never gets higher than the CG of the ball. This stops the putter from driving the ball down and creating backspin on the ball.”

The Method Core Weighted putter works to solve this potential putting inconsistency with its strategically designed weighting system. Franklin continued, “With the Method Core Weighted technology, we worked to get the center of gravity lower than the ball, enabling the putter to rise up at impact, lift the ball and turn it over quickly.”

The Method Core Weighted putter delivers stability and absolute confidence when every putt counts. Nike Method technology utilizes a milled face and Polymetal Grooves that have been proven on global professional tours to generate a more true and consistent roll, keeping putts on target.

The revolutionary Method putter technology was born of innovation and fueled by the demands of Nike Golf’s Tour athletes. This major-winning innovation delivers the roll, feel, and sound necessary for clutch putts in big moments. The Method Core insert is a combination of aluminum face and polymer grooves to lessen impact and vibrations and provide pure sound and feel.

Nike Golf’s Method Core Weighted putters will be available November 1, 2012 in five models, each with a lustrous tour satin chrome finish (4 blades; 1 mallet). The MC01w will also be available in a left-handed version.

Nike Method Core Weighted Putter

Available: 11/1/2012

MSRP/MAP: $169/$139.99

Specifications: MC01w RH/LH 2.0Ëš 33″/34″/35″; MCO2w RH 2.0Ëš 33″/34″/35″; MC03w RH 2.0Ëš 33″/34″/35″; MCO4w RH 2.0Ëš 33″/34″/35″; MC11w RH 2.0Ëš 33″/34″/35″/41″/43″

Click HERE to shop online at and you can also come into the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex at 3645 Fulton Avenue in Sacramento to try them out on our indoor putting green.

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