Save Your Back While Golfing!

Back pain plagues almost all golfers at some point. The combination of walking, swinging, and carrying golf clubs can wreak havoc on the body.

The average 2-4 miles that golfers traverse every 18-hole round, is truly extensive exercise. One product, manufactured by Walk18Golf, promises to revolutionize the ergonomics of golf. 

The founder of Walk18Golf was inspired when he struggled to carry his clubs. He says it took him 4 attempts just to complete an 18-hole course for the first time. The back pain he felt was immense. After this debilitating experience, he set out to create a product to help all golfers. After consulting Orthopedic, Chiropractic, and Physical Therapy professionals, the Walk18Golf Harness was created.

The Walk18Golf Harness works by transferring the weight of the golf bag into the core of the user. By reducing the weight load on the shoulders, the stress and strain on a golfer’s back are greatly reduced. The harness is designed to be comfortable to wear, increase ergonomics, and improve golfing performance. 

The specially engineered centralized pivot point with 4 connectors greatly improves the ergonomics of carrying a golf bag. The 4 connectors seamlessly attach to practically every type of golf bag. Walk18Golf has even created videos that walk you through installation on various bag types. The centralized pivot point then enables the golf bag to move with you. The golf bag does not sway or sag, yet reduces vibrations and force into the user.

The weight distribution is the heart of what makes the Walk18Golf Harness successful. The product is sold in two different sizes, to make sure every golfer can get a quality fitment. High-density foam shoulder straps are adjustable to perfectly fit the user. Likewise, the adjustable waist strap works to distribute the weight onto the golfer’s hips instead of back. This waist strap connects with the unique Fildlock V-Buckle one-step magnetic buckle, which makes removal easy.

When golfers are not walking, there is no need to remove the harness from the golf bag. The Walk18Golf Harness can effortlessly attach to any normal golf cart. The design is incredibly well developed and thought out. The build quality is top-notch and the materials chosen should be durable for years to come. If you are someone who struggles with back pain, then this may be an excellent solution for you! Found out more information HERE

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