Running for a Reason with the Morton Golf Foundation

Today’s inspirational article has been written by Cara Gramaglia. Cara is one of 27 runners in the California International Marathon on December 2nd running to raise funds for the Morton Golf Foundation. She is part of the running team, “Run for a Reason”

It’s often said, “What you are looking for, is looking for you”.

This is a brief story about running. It’s not about my love for running.  It is a story about my love for what running has done for me.

As an asthmatic person since 1978 I was always told I could not run.   I longed to run the relays in elementary school and was stymied by my inability to breath.   Running a relay or a marathon seemed impossible to a 12 year old girl when I could not even run two blocks.   I believed that until the age of 37 when I met my future husband Joe G.

I was at a time in life where I was a non-athletic person seeking a sport that was mildly strenuous and economical.   I was getting a late start.   Joe G took a risk, and gave me two gifts that greatly impacted my life.   He gave me a custom set of golf clubs and had me fitted for running shoes.

Fast forward to early 2011, I was an alternate for the Morton Golf Foundation Running TEAM called the “Turtles”.   I immediately embarked in a running program.   As fate would have it, I was called to fill in on the relay team.   I read running magazines to learn about breathing correctly and eating runner friendly snacks.   I rose at dawn.   I enrolled our dog “Mags” in the training; she became my running mate.  We both lost weight.

The cold and rainy weather hit, “my running mate” and I took to the treadmill in the garage.   I did not want to let the TEAM and Jane my inspirational cheerleader down.   My training went with me on all of my business trips.   Running as caused me to discover art, birds, nature and architecture in many of our metro areas you can only spot before the traffic and populace occur.   Complacency lurks, but the calmness and clarity, that running brings to my day is worth the daily commitment.

So, when you see me coming in at a 15 minute mile clip, remember, if an asthmatic gal like me can do it, anyone can.   My “running mate” Mags will be there in spirit only because dogs are not allowed to run in the California International Marathon.

The Morton Golf Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit corporation established and operated exclusively for charitable purposes. The Morton Golf Foundation vision is to enrich the lives of the less fortunate through the great game of golf. For more information on the Morton Golf Foundation, or to donate your time or money, please contact Jane Siebers at 916-808-0969 or via email at

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