Rule Changes Mean Good News for Golfers

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club (R&A), in conjunction with the USGA, have issued several rule revisions including one that should bring a smile to most of us! Golfers will no longer be penalized if their ball moves after it has been addressed.

Rule Rule 18-2b. Ball Moving After Address

“A new Exception is added that exonerates the player from penalty if his ball moves after it has been addressed when it is known or virtually certain that he did not cause the ball to move. For example, if it is a gust of wind that moves the ball after it has been addressed, there is no penalty and the ball is played from its new position.”

Webb Simpson and Rory McIlroy both got 1-shot penalties earlier in the season over this rule, which is considered one of the harshest in golf.

The rule doesn’t go into effect until January 1, 2015.

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