Price Drop on US KIDS Tour S3 Package Sets

The US KIDS Tour S3 Package Sets are now on sale at the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop.

For the Intermediate to Advanced Player

As skill level improves, a player’s distance and accuracy can also improve with clubs that have stiffer shafts and heavier clubheads than our Ultralight line. Tour Series is the answer. We’ve taken the best of the adult club technology and materials and scaled them into the Tour Series line of equipment. Each size is unique and optimized for the best results in player development. This provides him or her a pathway forward into adult brands.

What makes Tour Series special?

  • Quality: Features beta-forged titanium driver; 17-4 stainless fairway woods and hybrids; 431 stainless steel irons; and 8620 satin nickel spin wedges. All shafts are uniquely designed for each size and are frequency matched and spined. Choose either 100% graphite or light-weight steel.
  • Performance: Using TrackMan technology, we tested thousands of unique swings, resulting in optimized launch angles and spin rates to give the player the best results.
  • Player Development: Slightly heavier head weights, progressively stiffer shafts, and lower lofts help develop the player’s golf game as he or she moves through the six sizes of Tour Series.


The TS3 sets feature all Graphite Shafts for a lighter and softer feel throughout the set.


  • Optimal Height Range: 51 in. to 66 in.
  • Typical Age Range: 7 to 15
  • v5 model (5% lighter club heads than adult)
  • J-Flex Shafts frequency matched and spined
  • Low flex point for optimal ball flight
  • Appropriately sized grip (replacements available)
  • TS3 Stand Bag
  • Headcovers included
  • Each model comes in a two colorway options.

*A putter is not included in the set

Most Importantly…

Tour Series is a complete system of clubs. In each size, the swing weight, shaft flex, and many more attributes work together to maximize the player’s long-term development. The image below is a guide on how to determine if your Junior Golfer Tour Series Ready.

Not quite sure if your Junior Golfer is at the right size and swing speed for the Tour Series? That’s what we’re here for! Come into the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop where one of our staff members will be able to answer any questions and help find the perfect size for your junior golfer.

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