Over 1,000 Callaway Warbird Golf Ball Dozens Received At Only $9.99

The Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop just took in a huge delivery of over 1,000 dozen Callaway Warbird golf ball dozens- all priced at only $9.99. The suggested retail on this ball is $21 and we’re offering it currently at nearly 53% off.
The Callaway Warbird golf ball soars like it has wings. The high-tech rubber core is designed to blast off the clubface to achieve sustained flight. The Ionomer cover helps give the ball resilient flex and stability. The Warbird delivers high-velocity launch and a comfortable feel. If you want distance, the Warbird will fly.The Callaway Golf Warbird offers distance that’s just itching to get out. Callaway designed this ball for golfers seeking maximum distance at a minimum price.

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