Orlimar 318UC Golf Ball Offers Distance Off The Tee And Spin Around The Greens

HURRY! First 318 likes on new Orlimar Facebook page receives a sample of the 318UC

Orlimar Golf Company has just launched a new Facebook page and is offering the first 318 fans who like the page a sample of its popular 318UC TriCast™ golf ball. Simply visit www.facebook.com/orlimargolfequipment and like the page and Orlimar will send a two-ball sleeve of the multi-layer 318UC golf ball.

The 318UC TriCast™ urethane three-piece golf ball provides graduated spin technology for tour performance from tee to green. The performance of the ball is attributable to three key factors: the process used to produce a thin, soft cover; the dimple pattern which creates a slightly higher flight pattern; and the core materials which generate distance while maintaining feel.

318UC Urethane Cover
Urethane covers are not all made the same. The manufacturing process determines the characteristics of the finished urethane. Unlike the majority of the urethane balls on the market that are made using a thermoplastic injection or rapid injection molding (RIM) process, the Orlimar 318UC utilizes a slow curing urethane casting process. This creates a very thin, very uniform, and very soft cover that can only be accomplished through this extensive process. The result is performance and feel characteristics that are only available in a few ultra-premium urethane golf balls on the market.

318 Dimple Pattern
The 318 dimple pattern is aerodynamically designed to generate greater lift and achieve a higher launch trajectory and flight apex. This ball flight generates greater total distance through increased carry and roll.

High-Energy Core
The core is made of a DuPont proprietary blend polybutedyne selected for high-energy release to maximize distance and to deliver the sound of a confident drive as it comes off of the club face. This hot core is then covered in a mantle structure that preserves spin and provides great feel. Along with the cover, these three pieces combine to yield a PGA compression rating of 95.

Feedback from golf professionals and amateurs who have compared the Orlimar 318UC to their ultra-premium ball finds the 318UC meets or exceeds the performance of golf balls in this premium category. Plus it is offered at a significant value to the golfer. The suggested retail of the 318UC is $34.99. “We believe in bringing value to golfers who use our products,” says John Runyon, President & CEO of King Par LLC, Orlimar’s parent company, “so you are getting all of the technology and performance in a branded golf ball without paying for significant marketing overhead.”

Orlimar’s 318UC facebook promotion starts Oct. 15. Orlimar will also be conducting a number of golf ball sample events for the 318UC in 2013.

Orlimar has been manufacturing and distributing golf equipment since 1959 and offers a complete line of performance golf products including clubs, bags, balls, carts and accessories. Headquartered in Flushing, Mich., Orlimar is owned by King Par LLC, a privately held company. For information on Orlimar call 888.502.4653, visit www.orlimar.com.

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