One Day Only Sale – FREE Grip Installation Offer

Rain or shine – spring is in the air.  I can feel it and I know nature feels it –  the trees in Sacramento have started blooming.  Spring is (almost) here and there is no better opportunity than now to replace your golf grips!
Haggin Oaks is offering a ONE DAY ONLY sale on the installation of your grips!  Come in today, Saturday, March 12th, 2011, from 8am to 4pm and get FREE installation when purchasing a set of 8 or more grips (save at least $16 on installation)  Print the attached coupon:
Why should you regrip your clubs?  Experts recommend regripping your clubs once a year or after every 30-50 rounds.  Even if you don’t play frequently, the construction material for grips breaks down after time and use.  Contributing factors include ozone and ultraviolet rays, dirt, the oil from your hands and heat.  If you are a frequent golfer who keeps your clubs in the trunk of your car, then that Sacramento summer heat will decrease the lifespan of your grips.  
According to a national survey, 66% of golfers saved 3-4 strokes per round when they replaced their worn grip.  How is this possible?  New grips allow you to hold the club with a lighter touch which reduces tension in your arm and wrist.  You are more likely to retain a proper swing rotation when you aren’t worried about your clubs flying out of your hands.  And since your golf grips are the only part of the club you touch while playing, it isn’t hard to see how a tiny slip of your hands while hitting the ball will magnify dramatically in the direction and length of your golf shot.
If you want to play better golf, keep your grips maintained!  If it is time for you to change your grips, then take advantage of our special offer today only (Saturday, March 12th) from 8am – 4pm in the Club Repair Center at Haggin Oaks.  FREE Grip Installation (with coupon) when you purchase 8 or more grips!

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