New Tap! Separation Anxiety Beer by Berryessa Brewing at MacKenzie’s Bar & Grille

Separation Anxiety Beer from area brewery Berryessa Brewing is now being served at MacKenzie’s Bar & Grille.

We have to admit using a separation anxiety beer as an anti-anxiety formula sounds a little sketchy. So we reached out to Zach Roye from Mackenzie’s Bar & Grille to get the scoop on the story behind the name. “The “Separation Anxiety” name comes from the creator’s reluctance to let the beer leave the property. He wanted it to be sold exclusively on sight at the brewery in Winters, hence the name.”

Zach went on to say that “Tom Morton first brought the brewery to my attention in December of 2022. He mentioned a fantastic IPA called “Separation Anxiety”. It quickly became a beer of interest for us here at the bar and Grille. The beer is from Berryessa Brewing, which is in Winters, CA. This falls well within our radius for what we consider a “local beer”. Winters being a small town, the original intention of the brewery was to remain a small-scale operation to serve homemade craft beer to the locals. After gaining popularity their beer has started to become available all throughout the Bay Area and the Sacramento region”

More About Berryessa Brewing Co.

Berryessa Brewing Co. is a 20-barrel craft brewery just outside historic Winters, California. They take pride in producing fresh quality beer for wholesale or to enjoy in their taproom. “Chris Miller, our award winning brew master takes his craft seriously. His passion is apparent in the beers he brews. Chris is said to “introduce a brewing style that strikes a balance between the new, the experimental, and the familiar” -James Schwab, North Cal Brew.

Come try out the new Seperation Anxiety while it’s on tap at The MacKenzie’s Sports Bar & Grille.

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