Never Compromise Now Offering Customization on the Gambler Series Putters

Never Compromise has launched their “My Custom Putter” for the Gambler Limited line of putters.  Click HERE to check out the available options.  Our own Ken Morton, Jr. Vice President of Morton Golf, went down to visit Cleveland Golf in Huntington Beach last week and was presented with one of these beautiful custom putters.  (He is a huge fan of the Detroit Lions and this putter reflects his love of golf… Barry Sanders (#20)… and the Detroit Lions!) 

Choose from various paint-fill, multiple grips, length, lie and engraving options to create your own unique Gambler Limited putter. Each putter will be marked with a unique serial number and a certificate of authenticity will be issued with each order.

“Putters are personal, and our new website allows the enthusiast to put their own personal touch on our designs. The customization feature allows their design to come to life right in front of their own eyes,” said Adam Sheldon, Master Craftsman for Never Compromise®. “The Gambler putter line has its own uniqueness and attitude with each of the models boasting their own individual artwork machined into the sole”.

Inspired by the brand name itself, Never Compromise Limited putters are machined for golfers who seek perfection.  These limited edition putters are crafted using only the finest materials.  The Gambler series features four classic designs, each individually machined with a unique artwork on the sole.  All models are forged using 303 stainless steel.  The combination of the soft material and the forged grain structure provides unprecedented feel at impact.  Maching to perfection, these putters hold some of the tightest tolerances in the industry.  Classic design and modern construction give these putters a unique look, appreciated by the world’s most demanding and refined customers.  Each product is truly a masterpeice.

There are four models to choose from.  These include:

Never Compromise Gambler Boat Putter
The Boat has a plumber’s neck hosel on a classic blade design. The heel and toe flanges flow into one another, creating a soft visual of heel-toe weighting. The sole has all of the suits from a deck of cards engraved around the Gambler logo.

Never Compromise Gambler Straight Putter
The Straight is a face-balanced, heel-shafted mallet that features all of the suits from a deck of cards engraved around the Gambler logo but positioned to complement the shape of the putter.

Never Compromise Gambler Flush Putter
The Flush is a heel-shafted mallet (toe-down) that features the artwork of the clubs symbol engraved into the sole.

Never Compromise Gambler Royal Putter
The Royal is a classic plumber’s neck, heel-toe blade design featuring artwork of the spade symbol from a deck of cards engraved into the sole. 

Come into Haggin Oaks and see Greg Ciavarelli who can order your custom putter design today!

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