Music On The Green ReCap

With a bang, Michael Patrick Moore, Brandy Lane & The Blue Coyote Band kicked off the Music On The Greens series at William Land Golf Course. Once the band hit the stage, the energy was electric and spread from Swanson Grove to Mulligan’s Café. Fiery country bluegrass blared from the speakers. United States flags sailed from the drum stands. Michael Patrick Moore teased as the comical lead singer. Brandy Lane winked at an audience member now and again. The Blue Coyote Band didn’t miss a beat; they soldiered through nostalgic 80’s rock hits and slipped in a few bluegrass songs that made the perfect mix.

The musicianship and camaraderie were present at the Music On The Greens event. Each band member had their soulful style and presence. They even sang Elvis Presley’s old song, “Little sister.”

This spring’s unpredictable weather seemed calm and temperately perfect for the evening. People danced in their seats but eventually created a dance floor right in front of the stage. By intermission, many had danced themselves into a sweat. The contagious beat made the kids create a dance floor just for them.

The food was an event in and of itself. Meatballs, flatbread, and skewers were served fresh and hot off the grill. The wine and beer flowed freely. Oak Park brewery came out with beer samples and even gave out tokens for one free beer in the actual brewery.

The next Music On The Green will be on………

It was simply fun and lighthearted, a chance to escape from the routine microwaveable dinners on a Thursday night. Plus, an excuse to hang out with old friends and maybe make new friends. The following Music On The Greens takes place on June 9th, same place, same time. Bring a friend or two, make it a date night, or a chance for the kids to experience something new. Take a look at the flyer for more details. And remember to be there or be sqaure.

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