Morton Golf Foundation Awards 20 College Scholarships

Every year Morton Golf Foundation sends out a college scholarship application to all golf coaches and athletic directors within a 50 miles radius of Haggin Oaks. We ask that they forward this to any graduating high school senior they know that meets the scholarship requirements.  

This year Morton Golf Foundation just awarded 20 graduating high school seniors college scholarships to support their financial journey as they move on to college.

$5,000.00 CATEGORY (1 Winner)

“Dusel Family Scholarship”

Winner: Haanya Niazi – St. Francis H.S.

“Sportsmanship comes from a genuine respect and appreciation for an opponent”

Plans to attend: TBD

$3,000.00 CATEGORY (4 Winners)

“Pat Mailey Memorial Scholarship”

Winner: Nolan Worrell – Inderkum H.S.

“Many of the lessons that are learned from golf are applicable to the outside world and the life skills that the game of golf teaches are unlike any other sport”

Plans to attend: Baylor University

Winner: Emma Hutchinson – Rio Americano H.S.

“My minor in American Sign Language will allow me to be part of the solution in making the world accessible to those with disabilities”

Plans to attend: University of AZ

Winner: Kaylyn Noh – Rocklin H.S.

“At a time where I was unable to see clearly what my goals were or what I wanted to accomplish while playing golf, I was lucky enough to have this defining moment that struck my passion and enthusiasm for the sport that I have grown to love and cherish”

Plans to attend: San Luis Obispo

Winner: Tiffany Chan – Inderkum H.S.

“In golf and in life, the only predictable thing is that everything is unpredictable. No shot in golf is guaranteed, and yet any shot has the opportunity to be wonderful”

Plans to attend: UC Davis

$2,000.00 CATEGORY (8 Winners)

“Jane & Rob Siebers Community Service Award”

Winner: Yewon Jang – Granite Bay H.S.

“Outside of golf, I enjoy spending my time working on objects and events that other people can enjoy and can benefit from”

Plans to attend: UCLA

Winner: Espen Sterri – Whitney H.S.

“I am a person of integrity and I strive every day to be honest and make the world around me a better place”

Plans to attend: BYU

Winner: Ibrahim Soumahoro – Vanden H.S.

“Through on course practices such as leaving the course better than I found it, the core value of respect has taught me what it truly means to “treat others the way I would want to be treated” and to respect the properties of others”

Plans to attend: UC Merced

Winner: William Phelan – Whitney H.S.

“I have used the core values of honesty and integrity to make myself a better, more well rounded, reputable individual across the board”

Plans to attend: Gonzaga

Winner: Patrick Dumag – Inderkum H.S.

“My dedication to supporting my community and school off the course is maybe even more remarkable than my success on the course”

Plans to attend: Sac State

Winner: Joshua Mar – Laguna Creek H.S.

“A core value that I have taken from the game of golf is that dedication will translate into success”

Plans to attend: UC Irvine

Winner: Madeline Lee – St. Francis H.S.

“In learning from my mistakes rather than dwelling on them, I think I’ll ultimately be a better student and worker”

Plans to attend: TBD

Winner: Olivia Reed – St. Francis H.S.

“Being a well-rounded student and individual is extremely important to me, and I hope to continue my behavioral patterns long after graduation”

Plans to attend: High Point University

$1,000.00 CATEGORY (7 Winners)

“Kevin Sharp Memorial Scholarship”

Winner: Natalie Armbrust – Woodcreek H.S.

“I am in an Independent Living Skills Class where I work with students to help them learn like skills such as cooking, laundry painting, and money management. This has taught me how to work with others who are different from me or have different ways of communicating”

Plans to attend: Sierra College

“Bosley Electric Scholarship”

Winner: Bryn Kirkpatrick – El Camino Fundamental H.S.

“One core value I have learned from the game is never judge a book by its cover”

Plans to attend: American River College

Winner: Tanner Arburn – Bella Vista H.S.

“Dedication is something that I pride myself on. When I start a project or begin a certain task, I make sure that I complete it to the best of my ability”

Plans to attend: TBD

Winner: Param Sodhi – Vista Del Lago

“I know that I will face adversity in college but through confidence and perseverance I will thrive and make the most of the opportunities that are presented to me”

Plans to attend: University of San Francisco

Winner: Emily Cho – Franklin H.S.

“I have a drive that has helped me thrive throughout high school, and will push me further in college”

Plans to attend: TBD

Winner: Ellie Sand – Oak Ridge H.S.

“The Life Skills the First Tee teaches go beyond rudimentary personal development skills, for they also instill an appreciation for giving back to others. When I became older, I began teaching these life skills to the younger participants, fulfilling the role of the mentors of my younger self”

Plans to attend: Santa Clara University

Winner: Genevieve Cha – CA Connections Academy

“I have been told that the only time someone ever looses is when they give up”

Plans to attend: Sac State

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